There’s a movement afoot in Evangelicalism called “New Monasticism.” Christians are setting up shop in the fringes of society—places torn by violence, mental illness, drug abuse, racial discord, and more—and are developing intentional community in the brokenness of those places. It’s a lesson we in the ever-increasingly-individualistic church today need to hear. “New monasticism takes a stand against self-absorbed Christianity and says, ‘No, it’s not all about you. It’s about Christ and his body in this world, the Church.’”

The last part of that—the quote, that is—comes from my article New Monasticism: Rediscovering the Church. It appeared in the November-December 2012 issue of Converge Magazine. If you’d like to know more about the movement and what we in the wider Church can learn from it, check it out below. It appears on pages 39-43. You can check out Converge magazine itself at its website here.