Eugene NidaThis past Friday Eugene Nida passed away. He was a major figure in linguistics in general and biblical translation in specific – his thoughts on translation theory having influenced most biblical translations over the last fifty years, particularly those falling into the category of “dynamic equivalence,” a term he coined. “Formal equivalence” translations (a term he also coined) have also had to grapple seriously with his ideas, so no matter what translation you prefer (assuming it’s a contemporary translation), Nida’s thoughts have had a hand in shaping it.

Once the summer is over and I’m back to posting more frequently on this blog, I’ll make a point of discussing Nida’s contributions to linguistics and translation theory at greater length. Until then, be sure to check out the following three stories on his death:

1. United Bible Societies: “Eugene Nida dies.”

2. Christianity Today: “Eugene Nida, who revolutionized Bible translations, dead at 96.”

3. The Washington Post: “Eugene Nida,who traveled the world to translate the Bible, dies at 96.”