A little while back I posted a link to an article on Reformed author Kevin DeYoung’s blog where he asked, “What’s up with Lutherans?” More accurately, he clarifies, where are they all – and why don’t they play a bigger role in wider North American evangelicalism?

Well, he got a few responses – 142 comments last I checked – and most of them from Lutherans like myself. Among those who responded was the Rev. Paul T. McCain who’s a relatively famous Lutheran blogger (and publisher with Concordia Publishing House). In his response, he told DeYoung that we’re all right here, out of sight perhaps but nevertheless working diligently to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He (and a few other prominent Lutherans) also challenged DeYoung and similar Reformed leaders to invite Lutherans to speak at their events if they were really serious in wondering what Lutherans were up to.

You’ve got to give credit to DeYoung: he seems to have taken the challenge somewhat seriously. In a post yesterday, he admitted his previous question about Lutherans was not “the finest moment in blogging history” and that it had gotten Lutherans “all riled up”.  But in an apparent effort to get to know us oddball Lutherans a little better, he conducted a little interview with Pastor McCain entitled – at Pastor McCain’s request – “Those Dern Lutherans.” Go have a look-see.